How to deep clean your bathroom?

No one likes cleaning the bathroom, but by keeping up with it, the job becomes much less painful. Read on for some tips in efficiency in keeping your surfaces, walls, floor, shower and toilet sparkling clean.

1. Remove all the items that don’t belong in your bathroom.
Take out everything that doesn’t belong, such as clothes, cups, and trash. Also move out any little side tables or movable storage cabinets so that you can clean under them.
2. Pour some bleach or another disinfectant into the toilet bowl.
Put the toilet brush inside the bowl, helping to sanitize the brush for cleaning.
  • Make sure the door is open and the fan is on to ensure proper ventilation.
  • For a green alternative, mix a tablespoon of baking powder into about a quart of 75/25 mix of white vinegar and water.
3. Restore the grout
Discoloured grout brings a bathrooms down, no matter how recently it was renovated. If you’ve already worked your magic with steam, your next step is to give the tiles a scrub with hot soapy water or that old standby, vinegar and baking soda.
Dissolve 2 tablespoons of oxygenated bleach in 2 cups of warm water. Wet the brush in the mixture and apply it to the grout. Let it soak in, then scrub the grout in a circular motion, which will loosen the stain more effectively than a front-and-back motion. If needed, dip the wet brush into the oxygenated bleach to make a paste. Wipe clean, then let dry.
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