How to get windows spotlessly clean?

How often windows should be cleaned?

It’s really up to you. Some people like to clean their windows every week on their own, and others are okay with having a professional come in and clean their windows inside and out, from top to bottom, twice a year. It’s one of those things that can fall into spring and autumn cleaning.

First things first

To get started, it’s important to clear the window area and protect your floors and the inside of your walls. Once the area is prepped, sweep dirt from the window, frame and screen with a brush or vacuum it up with your dusting attachment. This will prevent dirt from turning into a muddy mess when mixed with a cleaner.

Clean like the pros

You should clean large windows with a squeegee, just like the pros. You’ll need a bucket of hot water with a few drops of dish soap. The soap will work to lift the dirt off the window and suspend it in the liquid solution until you get a chance to squeegee it off. Squeegee the glass horizontally or vertically. This will help you see if any streaks are forming. Repeat until you’ve covered your entire window. To get rid of any streaks after squeegeeing and make your windows shine, we suggest using a soft dry cloth or a clean rag.



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