Floor Strip and Seal

Cairns Cleaning Corp specialises in vinyl floor stripping and resealing.

Why do you need to strip and seal? Vinyl floors are often sealed with a high gloss coating to make then easy to maintain and of course to make them look amazing.

You might have noticed your floor is hard to mop, scuff marks wont come out and there is a very obvious brown traffic tint to the floor where most people walk around the office. you might even notice the floor is looking pretty dirty under your office chair and there is no longer any shine to the floor. When the old sealer is worn off, the vinyl floor is nolonger protected and therefore instead of scuffing the gloss coat, you are actually damaging the vinyl flooring. The longer a vinyl floor is left without a sealer or gloss/satin/matte coat, the more you will damage the flooring long term.

Stripping involves using a stripping solution and scrubbing machine to removing the old coat from the entire floor surface. Once this is done, the floor is washed and dried several times then polished and vacuumed to prepare it for the coats of sealer to be applied.

Depending on your type of vinyl flooring, it may take between 4-6 coats before the optimal shine and layer of protection is achieved. Also floors with more traffic will need more coats of sealer to ensure they last through the stomping tirade of office boots and lazy walkers who scuff and drag their feet.